See How Volvo Stacks Up Against the Competition

While Volvo’s focus on safety is the stuff of legends, the driving experience that its newest models are delivering to Knoxville drivers make the overall lineup a great choice for anyone. From the sporty and luxurious S60 to the newest Volvo XC40 SUV and even the three-row Volvo XC90, the Volvo lineup is leaving its competition in the dust. Let Clayton Motors, near Sevierville and Oak Ridge, detail a few of the differences that make Volvo the new leader of the luxury pack.

For starters, the Volvo XC40 came out of the gate swinging, with an engine lineup that is both more fuel efficient and more powerful than either the BMW X1 or Audi Q3. The 187-horsepower engine in the XC40 T4 delivers a combined 27 mpg, far more than either of its closest competitors. And at 248 horsepower, the XC40 T5 beats out the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 by 20 horsepower, while matching them on fuel economy. Inside both vehicles offer leather heated seats, however you’ll have to pay a fee to get Apple CarPlay on the BMW model. And while both the XC40 and X1 are available with a sunroof, the Audi Q3 offers no such option.

With the S60, the story is much the same. Similar amenities inside mean you won’t sacrifice creature comforts to get into an S60, however you’ll be smoking the Audi A4 with a 316-horsepower twincharged engine as opposed to the Audi’s 188-horsepower turbocharged power plant. The BMW 3 Series loses out here as well, at just 255 horsepower, and the overall value of the S60 can’t be overstated: you get the extra power and similar interior features for $1,000 less, on average.

Volvo’s versatile engine lineup truly puts them above their competition, and Maryville drivers now have more choices than ever. Where BMW and Audi typically only give you one or maybe two options, the Volvo lineup features three unique engine configurations to give you your ideal balance of power and fuel economy.

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