We at Clayton Motors Inc., located in Knoxville, a short drive from Maryville, wanted to give you a few safe driving tips. Most people use their vehicles every single day and practicing safe driving can truly be the difference between life and death. Not only is your Volvo your companion, but it is your sense of freedom.

Always, always wear your seatbelt when travelling, seatbelts save lives in the event of a crash. On top of this, ensuring safe driving practices also means that your vehicle should be fully functioning and up to date when driving it. A car can't perform at its peak is the oil needs changing. We recommend you perform frequent upkeep when it comes to your Volvo to ensure that you and other drivers are safe.

Get Your Vehicle Inspected and Tuned Up Often

We couldn't more highly recommend that you get your vehicle tuned up frequently. Passing an inspection is important and will extend the life of your Volvo. Furthermore, when you notice something going wrong with your vehicle, you should visit us as soon as possible, to ensure your safety on the road. Changing your brake pads before they wear out will also ensure ultimate safety when it comes to turning and slowing down. Replacing tires before they bald is another great safety precaution to take, especially if you drive in inclement weather often.

We at Clayton Motors Inc., nearby to Sevierville and Oak Ridge are eager to help you through any of the problems you may experience with your vehicle. We welcome you to make an appointment to ensure your vehicle is perfectly up to date and safe on the roads. We can't wait to work with you through any issues you may have.

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