As one of the newest entries to the Volvo SUV lineup, the Volvo XC40 had some major expectations to live up to when it debuted just a few years ago. Happily, it's more than fulfilled those expectations, with drivers from Maryville to Sevierville flocking to our showroom to get their hands on one. Now, with many auto brands, launching a successful model like the new Volvo XC40 would be cause to take a victory lap. However, Volvo is never content to rest on its laurels, which is why its engineers have focused on improving and broadening the appeal of the new Volvo XC40 by introducing a fully electrified powertrain to its lineup.

Set to make its debut in October, the newly electrified Volvo XC40 will have the unique distinction of being the Volvo brand's first fully electric car, making it ideal for drivers from Knoxville to Oak Ridge who're looking for a mode of transportation that produces no emissions.

However, going all-electric is not only an eco-conscious design choice for the new Volvo XC40, it also represents some significant advantages in terms of safety. You see, the battery pack for the newly electrified Volvo XC40 will be positioned at the midship position under the floor of the car. This means that the center of gravity is lowered for this vehicle, which in turn makes it less liable to roll over.

Plus, the electric Volvo XC40 will feature a new safety suite with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems sensor platform. This scalable suite of active safety features includes radars, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors strategically positioned throughout the vehicle to provide a network of actionable information about the vehicle's surroundings and affording you and your passengers an added layer of protection on the road.

Suffice it to say, the reasons we're excited for the upcoming electric Volvo XC40 are numerous to say the least. So, if you'd like to learn more about what this new Volvo SUV will have in store and reserve your spot as one of the first in Knoxville to test drive one, visit us here at Clayton Motors Inc. today.

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