Even though drivers around Knoxville don't need to worry about the heavy snow and ice that the north can expect, preparing for colder weather and challenging conditions can make all the difference for your safety, convenience, and comfort. At Clayton Motors Inc., we help drivers enjoy a smooth driving experience during winter with expert service and advice.

Consider our top five winter preparations to drive with confidence this season.

1. Maintain Your Battery

Colder weather takes a toll on batteries, which can lead to trouble starting your vehicle or even a dead battery. Our service team provides volt tests and battery cleanings to ensure that your battery is ready for winter. By checking and cleaning cables and connections, our technicians can catch issues before they develop.

2. Flush and Fill Your Coolant

Coolant, or anti-freeze, helps to keep your engine running smoothly even in the winter. You will want to check your coolant levels and ensure there are no leaks to prepare for winter. Our service team can flush and refill your coolant and address any leaks.

3. Keep Gasoline and Windshield Wiper Fluid Topped-Off

It's crucial to keep your gasoline topped-off to help prevent accumulated water in your tank from freezing. Keeping your gas topped-off is also a good idea to account for the extra energy needed to keep you warm if you’re stuck. Windshield wiper fluid is essential for removing frost and road debris for your visibility.

4. Regularly Check Your Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure can drop as it gets cooler, which can lead to uneven wear and loss of traction. Tires lose up to one pound of pressure per square inch with every 10-degree drop in temperature.

5. Test Your Defroster and Heater

You don't want to find out that you can't clear condensation or keep yourself warm when you're already driving in winter weather. See if your heating components work, and contact our service team if something seems off.

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