Stress-Free, No-Hassle Pricing on a New Volvo Vehicle

One of the things that many Maryville, TN drivers get anxious about in their car buying process is the idea of negotiating a price. Some customers see pricing as a giant mystery that they can't solve. It can lead to a stressful, unpleasant car shopping experience. Our dealership feels that shouldn't be the case. For some of our customers, there is a program that allows them to bypass all of the back-and-forth. 

It lets them get a pre-negotiated, transparent price. Clayton Motors Inc, located at 9715 Parkside Drive in Knoxville, TN, is here to tell you all about the A-Plan by Volvo program.

What is A-Plan by Volvo?

The A-Plan by Volvo program is a way for the employees of companies and organizations that 

partner with the Volvo brand to get access to pre-negotiated and transparent prices on new Volvo models. Essentially, it is a way for eligible Sevierville, TN drivers to get employee pricing on the new Volvo car, wagon, or SUV of their dreams.

The pre-negotiated pricing is not the only benefit that you'll receive. If you happen to purchase one of the select Volvo vehicles eligible, you'll receive an A-Plan by Volvo bonus. The additional savings of that bonus can be combined with any Volvo incentive offers for which you are currently eligible to receive. The A-Plan by Volvo program can be a great way for customers to save when they come to Clayton Motors, Inc for their next Volvo car, wagon, or SUV. Taking advantage of this program's benefits will require people to get their A-Plan by Volvo program PIN (personal identification number).

Where Do I Get My A-Plan PIN?

If you are an Oak Ridge, TN customer who is an employee of a company, organization, or business partner that is affiliated with the Volvo brand, you will need to obtain your PIN before you can get your pricing from A-Plan by Volvo. Your PIN can be found by going to the human resources department at your employer.

Are you wondering if your spouse is eligible for the same A-Plan by Volvo benefit as you? Any member of your immediate household is also eligible to take part in the A-Plan by Volvo pricing. You may be required to verify employment with your work e-mail address or through documentation.

Once you receive your A-Plan by Volvo PIN, you will need to bring it to the team at Clayton Motors, Inc to secure the negotiation-free pricing on your new Volvo vehicle you want.

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What Kind of Volvo Vehicles Are Eligible for the A-Plan by Volvo Pricing? We often get asked about which Volvo models are eligible for the A-Plan by Volvo pricing. The truth is that most of the Volvo lineup is eligible for these special pre-negotiated prices. It is only available on new Volvo vehicles. Those Volvo models can be custom ordered with the team at Clayton Motor Inc, or from the inventory we have in stock. Customers who want specific details about model eligibility, pricing, and offers can get that when they register for the A-Plan by Volvo program. Our dealership will guide you smoothly through the process of buying your new Volvo car, wagon, or SUV. Get Your A-Plan by Volvo PIN Today! Getting negotiation-free, transparent pricing certainly does make the car shopping experience simpler and faster. Contact your human resources administrator to get your PIN, start shopping for your next Volvo vehicle online, or get in touch with the team at Clayton Motors Inc, in Knoxville, TN, to learn more about the A-Plan by Volvo program today.