There are many factors to consider when deciding on your next automotive investment, one being which body style is best for your driving needs and preferences. There are pros and cons for both sedans and SUVs, but one will work better depending on your unique driving style. To help you narrow down your options, Clayton Motors Inc. is breaking down the main differences between these two popular body styles.

Why Choose a Sedan?

Volvo offers several attractive, fun-to-drive sedans, like the new Volvo S60 or S90. One perk of choosing these models over a Volvo SUV is the better gas mileage. On average, sedans get excellent gas mileage, meaning fewer stops at the gas station and more time driving to your next fun activity. Another bonus of choosing a Volvo sedan is the higher maneuverability, which equates to fewer headaches in packed parking lots or crowded city streets.

Why Choose an SUV?

SUVs are becoming widely popular and for many good reasons. For instance, compared to a sedan, you'll have much more interior space for passengers and cargo both. SUVs are also more versatile in that they can better handle off-roading and snow-packed roads thanks to higher ground clearance and heavier weight. If this sounds like the better option for you, be sure to check out popular Volvo SUVs in Knoxville like the new Volvo XC40, XC60, or XC90.

Volvo offers an extensive lineup of sedans and SUVs, one of which is bound to align with your unique driving style. To get a better idea of which body style is right for you, visit Clayton Motors Inc. to browse our new Volvo models and quality used vehicles. While you're here, you can test drive a sedan or SUV that catches your attention to see just how much it will improve your driving experiences.