Volvo owners may find themselves in an unusual position. Circumstances changed daily routines from commuting to work to working from home. Less frequent drives in Knoxville could reduce wear and tear, but don't think all maintenance issues go by the wayside. Even though the car might be idle, you've still got to care for it.

Check the Tires

Keep a close eye on the tires. Even perfect tires lose a certain amount of air each month. Check the pressure to make sure they are properly filled when driving. Also, be on the lookout for dry rot. Age and the elements will cause cracks in the sidewalls, making the tires unsafe.

Fill the Gas Tank

Keeping the gas tank full might be worthwhile. Some may wonder why it becomes necessary to fill the tank when only driving on a limited basis. The reason centers on preventing rust. A partially filled gas tank may suffer from corrosion.

Maintain the Battery

You don't want the battery to die while the car remains parked. Thankfully, there are charging products a driver can affix to the battery. For some, disconnecting the battery might be cheaper and easier.

Cover Your Vehicle

Protecting the Volvo's exterior should be a top priority. If possible, parking inside the garage could protect it from the elements and debris. Those without access to a garage might find using a car cover advisable. Besides leaves, twigs, and more making a car filthy, damage to the paint may occur. Maybe long-term private storage could be advisable.

Oil Changes and Inspections

Oil changes become necessary even when you're not driving the vehicle much. Oil breaks down due to age, as do other fluids. Motor oil, however, wears down quickly. Six months is usually the maximum amount of time to keep the oil in the engine. When changing the oil, request a multi-point inspection that checks hoses, belts, fluid levels, brakes, and much more.

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