Volvo owners enthusiastically review the specs on upcoming new models. Purchasing a new Volvo at Clayton Motors opens doors to embracing the manufacturer's latest vehicles and their top features. Our dealership accepts trade-ins, which assists buyers looking to save money on a new car. Buyers can help themselves by taking steps to maximize their trade-in vehicles value.

Maintaining the Vehicle

Trade-ins could benefit from long-term planning. Namely, Knoxville drivers should take steps to perform all routine maintenance to prevent the vehicle from falling into neglect. Trade-ins with dry-rotted tires and worn belts might not garner as much value as hoped. Properly maintaining a vehicle, however, might turn out to be a wise investment.

Clean and Detail the Vehicle

A dirty and scratched vehicle won't make a great impression. Ensuring the car gets a proper cleaning and detailing helps the sellers cause when trading the model in for a new one. Cleaning and vacuuming the interior may be a smart move, too. Always strive to make the best impression.

Be Mindful of the Basics

There are specific factors that contribute to a Volvo vehicle's value or, for that matter, any vehicle. Make, model, and year play a significant role in determining the price. So does mileage, as high mileage cars experience a drop in value over ones with less mileage. And don't overlook the condition. Body damage could drive down the price.

Use a Decent Valuation Tool

An online valuation tool could provide insights about trade-in values. Use the online trade-in tool on our website to get a good idea of what your current vehicle is worth in the Knoxville market.

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