The Best Used Cars in Knoxville, TN - Get a Used Volvo Nearby

When you decide to purchase a used Volvo, you're investing in a safe, stylish, and performance-driven car or SUV. Fortunately, you can have all of that value for a great price.

As the leading used Volvo dealership in the Knoxville, TN,area, we find and service reliable used Volvo vehicles on a daily basis. Once we've acquired a vehicle and know that the car is good enough for our customers, we pass the opportunity along to you.

There are several great reasons to go with a used Volvo instead of a new model:

  • Compared to a new vehicle, depreciation is almost non-existent, especially with a brand of reliable cars like Volvo.

  • Lower insurance costs--while each insurance situation is different, most providers charge less when you are insuring a used vehicle. Throw in the safety reputation of Volvo cars, and you might have your lowest insurance bill to-date.

  • You may be able to purchase a more luxurious model than you could if you were shopping brand new. For instance, you could receive a tremendous value on a 2015 XC90, whereas the 2017 model may be out of your budget.

Our Used Car Lot in the Maryville, TN Area Have a full Selection of Volvo Models

Are you looking for a used SUV? We have options for you--you can drive it home right off the lot if you want to.

Enjoy the rugged power behind the XC90 and XC60 models, with their impressive horsepower options and performance suspension. The x90 features seven seats, and if you'd rather stay smaller, the XC60 seats a family with storage room to spare. All of that size and performance doesn't hinder efficiency, though, as even used Volvo SUVs often come with hybrid plugins.

Since Volvo always stays ahead of the curve, the technology available in recent used models is still cutting edge, practical, and fun to use. Get in touch if you want to give an SUV a spin--we'd love to take you on a test drive.

Knoxville Used Cars: Volvo Sedans, Hatchbacks, and Crossovers

The Volvo x-series gets a lot of press (and rightfully so!), but the Volvo S90 and S60 take on a life of their own when you examine their style and specifications.

The S90 comes with stunning design options like leather interiors, birchwood accents, and even a panoramic moonroof in select models--many of these features are available right on our used car lot. From a performance perspective, the S90 traditionally comes with hybrid options for those seeking an eco-friendly ride, and despite the hybrid options, many S90 models run north of 300 HP.

You can also drive away with a used Volvo S60. You won't find a better value, as far as price is concerned--it retails at $34,000 brand new, so you can imagine how attractive the used prices are. Lower prices don't mean lower quality though, and the sporty exterior and luxurious internal features of the S60 speak for themselves.

Volvo Crossovers are some of the best Used Cars in Knoxville, TN

Volvo lets you enjoy the best of both worlds with a used V90 and V60 models.

The spacious Volvo V90 has a roomy hatchback trunk, large enough for suitcases, gym bags, and anything else the family can throw at it. The elevated body equips the V90 for snow, rain, flooding, and some off-road terrain, so you can feel secure regardless of where your travels take you. The V90 is certainly built for practicality, but a used Volvo V90 really turns heads with its power and exterior design.

Get unparalleled control over your driving experience with an available active chassis with Four-C air suspension, and feel a rush of adrenaline when you depress the pedal and experience a turbo lag-less acceleration.

A used Volvo V60 carries over the athleticism of the V90 and mixes in a smooth exterior and standard interior luxury features.

Enjoy leather seats, moonroof, and generous storage space--despite the V60's smaller size, its load capabilities make it more than adequate for rugged weekend adventures.

Used Cars in Maryville, TN are a Tremendous Value for any Budget

By opting for a used Volvo, you are choosing value, durability, and financial security. You can receive a late model--even as recent as 2016--that is discounted from the original retail value. Additionally, your new purchase won't depreciate when you drive it off the lot--if you decide to try out a new Volvo in two or three years, you can sell your car for close to what you paid for it.

In fact, one of the best reasons to buy a used car in Knoxville is that you have more options than you would otherwise, depending on your budget.

Whereas you might be limited to a select few new Volvo models, every style of Volvo--from V60 to XC70--is now at your disposal. You just have to select the right year and edition. Given Volvo's propensity for cutting edge technology, your used car won't even feel out of date.

Clayton Motors Inc. Takes the Buying Experience to a new Level

We want you to enjoy your buying experience from the moment you walk into our dealership until the moment you drive away in a beautiful used Volvo. From our knowledgeable staff to our used car specials, we do everything we can to fulfill that vision.

If you're not quite ready to buy yet, we suggest keeping an eye on our used car specials. You never know when the perfect deal on a late model Volvo might arise! We also supply Volvo parts if your car needs a tune-up, and if you're the DIY type, we'll help you order the right part for your car.

Lastly, don't forget to schedule regular maintenance at our Volvo dealership in Knoxville. Nobody knows the Volvo brand as well as we do, and we'd love to help you keep your car on the road for many years to come.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call, whether it be about inventory or vehicle specifications. We'd love to speak with you.