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Find a Used Luxury SUV at Clayton Motors Inc.

SUVs are a popular style of vehicle, and many people see them as a nice upgrade to a traditional sedan because of the increased space that they provide for hauling personal items and the extra maneuverability on uneven terrain and unfavorable weather, such as snow. But some models can also be a bit more expensive than sedans.

If you've been wanting an SUV but are short on the cash or financing, you should consider purchasing a used SUV. Buying a used one can save you a lot of money, and there are many used SUVs that are still very reliable vehicles. At Clayton Motors Inc. in Knoxville, we're happy to tell you about all of the benefits of buying a used SUV. We also want to make sure that you know a bit more about some of your options.

How SUVs Can Make Your Life Easier in Maryville

If you love doing outdoor activities, you'll love that an SUV is large enough to accommodate your camping, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor sporting equipment. The back hatch on most SUVs opens up to a large area where you can stow all of your equipment, and on many models, the back row of seats folds down to provide even more room.

But don't think that SUVs are just for outdoor enthusiasts. They're also a great option for Sevierville families because of the roomy backbench is a great place for your kids. There are even many benefits for single people and couples who simply want a vehicle that drives well in the snow. Because of the extra clearance under the vehicle, you're less likely to bottom out or get stuck in deep snow than you are in a regular sedan.

How You Can Save Money When You Buy a Used SUV

When you purchase any kind of vehicle used, you'll save thousands of dollars because vehicles depreciate the most in the first few years. This is great when you're trying to find the right financing options on a budget. And when you save money on the overall price of the vehicle, you might even be able to get the better trim level with the extra luxuries. Plus, when you look at used SUVs, you might even find that you have more options in terms of how much you pay. You can shop around until you find a great deal that fits in your budget and is still within your preferred mileage and year range.

And don't forget that you'll save money on taxes and your insurance. Whenever you buy a vehicle, you'll have to pay a certain percentage in taxes, so paying $10,000 less on your vehicle could save you several hundred dollars on the taxes that you pay. You'll also love that your insurance is less because the monetary value of the vehicle is less.

Auto Makers We Carry

All of the people who love luxury vehicles will be impressed by the quality of our inventory. We carry a lot of Volvo SUVs, including the XC60, XC90, and XC40. The XC60 is a beautiful mid-size SUV with all of the luxuries that you've come to expect from Volvo. And if you prefer something a little smaller for you and your partner, you'll love the XC40, which is a crossover. We also sell Mercedes-Benz, GMC, Jeep, Chevy, and Nissan vehicles.

Come Visit Us in the Oak Ridge Area Today

Whenever you need a luxury vehicle, you should visit our dealership. Our experienced sales associates can guide you through the process of finding your dream SUV. We can also let you take one for a test drive. If you see something you like on our website, either stop in or give us a call.